The firm's portfolio is segmented into 4 areas:

  1. High Growth/ Highly Leveraged: These businesses are expanding quickly, and are typically seeking funding that can result in debt to equity ratios well in excess of normal banking limits (frequently exceeding 4:1).
  2. Start-ups and Management Buy-Outs: These businesses are either beyond the concept phase and have typically just begun shipping, or, represent new entities formed for the purpose of acquiring certain assets and revenue streams associated with predecessor and/or parent companies. Abrams is well versed in the administrative, financial and legal aspects associated with funding these types of deals.
  3. Cost Containment: : These businesses are typically growing, and looking to replace and/or consolidate their high-cost financing arrangements. Such businesses with annual revenues greater than $10,000,000, can often save well in excess of $100,000 per year in financing related costs, when they migrate to funding from Abrams.
  4. Turnarounds: Abrams typically manages these types of engagements, and works closely with accounting, legal and turnaround professionals, to orchestrate and implement strategies in preparation for funding from the firm. As an example, Abrams recently completed the restructuring and financing of a $15,000,000/year beef distributor in up-state New York.

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