Over the past 7 decades, Abrams & Company has worked with thousands of companies and has developed subspecialties in the wine and spirits, food and beverage, and printing and packaging industries. During this time, Abrams & Company has been fortunate to develop close relationships with global leaders in these areas. Such relationships have spawned countless opportunities for deals both inside and outside the Abrams portfolio.

Abrams also partners with equity firms to raise additional monies for larger and more complex transactions, and is currently creating funding options for social networking and e-magazine sites with the capacity to generate large advertising receivables.

With the capital to support high growth situations, and the knowledge base to navigate highly complicated transactions, Abrams continues to maintain an aggressive and supportive approach towards each client in its portfolio.

Ivan Abrams, President

Ivan Abrams

President, Abrams & Company

The firm’s President, Ivan Abrams, is a frequent public speaker, and has served as both a guest lecturer at New York University, and as an expert for a Department of Commerce Symposium in Washington, D.C., for international manufacturing concerns.

He has been interviewed by major news organizations and trade journals such as Bloomberg, Crain’s and the Secured Lender. Ivan conducted his studies at the Annenberg School and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.